Ann Jaquith

CPAC Project Staff and Associate Director, Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education

Ann Jaquith is a research and organizing lead for the California Performance Assessment Collaborative and Associate Director at the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE). At SCOPE her research interests include studying the conditions that enable or impede the use of professional-development resources by individuals and groups; understanding the nature of the leadership that is needed to stimulate and support effective teaching within schools and districts; and examining the conditions under which educator networks support learning.

Ann received her BA in English from Dartmouth College, an EdM from Harvard University Graduate School of Education, and a PhD in Curriculum and Teacher Education from Stanford University.

Ann Jaquith
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  • California Performance Assessment Collaborative

    California Performance Assessment Collaborative

    The California Performance Assessment Collaborative represents educators, policymakers, and researchers who are working to study and advance the use of authentic approaches to assessment, such as presentations, projects, and portfolios, which require students to demonstrate applied knowledge of content and use of 21st century skills. The lessons captured and documented from this work will inform educators seeking to implement performance assessments, as well as policymakers who are developing next-generation assessment and accountability policies.