Advancing Equity Through Deeper Learning

One of the greatest equity challenges facing our schools and country is ensuring that all children have access to educational opportunities that support deeper learning, which includes the acquisition of deep content knowledge and the development of critical skills and competencies, including the ability to work collaboratively, think critically and solve problems, and communicate effectively.

Through research, strategic communications, and shared learning opportunities, this initiative seeks to achieve three major outcomes:

  1. Advancing understanding of how deeper learning can enhance equity—and how deeper learning can be achieved in equitable ways.
  2. Expanding knowledge about how high-leverage deeper learning practices can be scaled up to become more widespread.
  3. Creating a broader community of actively engaged and knowledgeable equity advocates for deeper learning.

Working with researchers, civil rights leaders, district and state leaders, policymakers, practitioners, and others, the Learning Policy Institute will commission research studies, create learning opportunities, and make recommendations to further leverage deeper learning as a vehicle for advancing equity.