Related Research: Accountability and Improvement

Quality and Equality in American Education: Systemic Problems, Systemic Solutions

Marshall (Mike) Smith and Jennifer A. O’Day
2016 | The authors argue that disparities within the educational system are the product of institutional structures and cultures that both disenfranchise certain groups of students and depress quality overall. They envision a three-pronged systemic remedy: a continuous improvement approach for addressing educational opportunities; targeted high-leverage interventions focused on key transition points and needs; and stronger connections between schools and other institutions and systems affecting the development and well-being of children and youth.

Accountability for College and Career Readiness: Developing a New Paradigm

Linda Darling-Hammond, Gene Wilhoit, and Linda Pittenger
2014 | This report by Linda Darling-Hammond, Gene Wilhoit, and Linda Pittenger recommends an accountability approach that focuses on meaningful learning, enabled by professionally skilled and committed educators, and supported by adequate and appropriate resources, so all students graduate prepared for college and careers. Drawing on existing state practices and on the views of policymakers and school experts, the report proposes principles for effective accountability systems and imagines a new accountability system in a so-called 51st state.

Beyond the Bubble Test: How Performance Assessments Support 21st Century Learning

Linda Darling-Hammond and Frank Adamson
2014 | This book situates the current discussion of performance assessment within the context of testing in the United States. The memory and recall strategies of traditional testing are not adequate to equip students with the skills they need to excel in the global economy. Instead, the authors argue that teachers should engage students in deeper learning, assessing their ability to use higher-order skills. This comprehensive resource also looks beyond our U.S. borders to examples in Singapore, Hong Kong, and elsewhere.

Creating Systems of Assessment for Deeper Learning

David T. Conley and Linda Darling-Hammond
2013 | This report describes how state policymakers and education leaders can strategically design assessment and accountability systems to support learning for students, educators, and systems alike. Drawing on research and successful practices in the United States and abroad, the report offers a blueprint for new systems of assessment that are able to support the development of deeper learning skills, to generate instructionally useful diagnostic information, and to provide insights about a wider range of student capacities.