Educator Quality: Professional Learning

Teachers who receive thorough preparation and are supported throughout their careers are both better equipped to meet the needs of diverse students and more likely to stay in the profession.  

How can teachers best be prepared and supported throughout their careers to develop and deliver curriculum that is content rich, culturally responsive, and rooted in inquiry and problem solving?

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Well-structured partnerships between districts and schools of education benefit both aspiring and experienced teachers. They improve preparation by providing teacher candidates with high-quality field experience, and encourage and support continuous learning by the professional teaching staff.

Throughout the country, schools of education, districts, and states are adopting research-based strategies that include:

  • Coursework and field experiences that prepare teacher candidates to design and deliver content-rich curriculums rooted in inquiry and problem solving.
  • An explicit focus on equity and instruction and experiences that enable new teachers to support diverse students and to partner with families.
  • Teacher-designed and -delivered professional development that is sustained, collaborative, and closely linked to their classroom practice.
  • School and districtwide implementation of professional learning communities (PLCs) that provide ongoing opportunities for teams of teachers to learn from and with each other.
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