Educator Quality: ​Evaluation & Career Development​

High-functioning schools and school systems understand the link between building a cadre of effective, committed educators and providing teachers with ongoing support, development, and opportunities for growth and leadership. Providing experienced teachers with the opportunity to take on leadership roles—from mentoring beginning teachers to coaching peers—helps veterans improve their own practice, while supporting the development of the profession.

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What evidence-based strategies can ensure that teachers receive professional feedback and opportunities for advancement throughout their career?

Building on the evidence, schools and districts, along with their labor partners, are implementing innovative strategies that include:

  • Training for principals and other school site leaders that improve their ability to create an environment in which teachers can be effective and can continue to develop their skills.
  • Peer assistance and review programs, which have been found to provide an effective model for teachers to mentor, observe, and evaluate their colleagues.
  • Opportunities for teachers to take on leadership roles in their school and district that allow them to share their expertise and contribute to the quality of practice across the profession.  
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