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Restarting and Reinventing School: Learning in the Time of COVID and Beyond

Report originally published August 25, 2020

After initial publication, the following changes were made.

These updates was published August 31, 2020.

  • On page 47, the term “pupil-teacher relationships” was changed to “student-teacher relationships.”
  • On page 83, the words “two of the” were added to the last line of the following paragraph, to read:

    Technical assistance can also come from local organizations, including districts (as with the New York City Office of Community Schools or Oakland’s Community Schools and Student Services division); nonprofit partners (as with the Community Learning Center Institute in Cincinnati or Children’s Aid in many cities); and universities (such as Binghamton University and Fordham University, which operate two of the Technical Assistance Centers in New York State).

  • At the top of page 84, in the bullet point that continues from the previous page, the following was added to the end of the last sentence:

    in partnership with Rockland 21C, a nonprofit that operates a third Technical Assistance Center in New York State.

These updates was published September 14, 2020.

  • On p. ii, the second sentence of the second paragraph was revised to read:

    Core operating support for the Learning Policy Institute is provided by the Heising-Simons Foundation, Raikes Foundation, Sandler Foundation, and William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.