About the Institute

The Learning Policy Institute conducts and communicates independent, high-quality research to improve education policy and practice. Working with policymakers, researchers, educators, community groups, and others, the Institute seeks to advance evidence-based policies that support empowering and equitable learning for each and every child. Nonprofit and nonpartisan, the Institute connects policymakers and stakeholders at the local, state, and federal levels with the evidence, ideas, and actions needed to strengthen the education system from preschool through college and career readiness.

Learning Policy: A New Perspective

This is a new moment for public education in the United States and around the globe. Our world is being transformed by new technologies, shifting demographics, and the demands of a global economy. This requires new learning that prepares all children with the problem-solving, critical-thinking, communication, and collaboration skills to solve the complicated problems and meet the complex challenges of our fast-paced, quickly changing world.

Today’s learning must be supported by a transformed public education system that:

  • Provides empowering learning opportunities for all children that develop their abilities to find and apply knowledge; think critically and creatively; solve problems, communicate, and collaborate; and contribute to the improvement of their community and society.
  • Is designed, managed, and funded to support this kind of deeper learning for each and every child.
  • Assesses learning authentically, with tools that are used to inform teaching and support progress rather than to punish students, staff, or schools.
  • Continually improves through research, evaluation, sharing of data and best practices, and ongoing inquiry within and across every level of the system.
  • Develops a diverse and highly competent educator workforce with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to help all children succeed.

In this new moment, there’s very substantial ground on which Americans agree in terms of investing in the kind of education that moves our nation forward—one that guarantees that all children learn and graduate, find good jobs, and contribute to improving their communities. The Institute collaborates with leaders in education, communities, government, business, and other fields who share a commitment to high-quality education and are committed to using evidence to guide their search for smart policy and systemic change.

Current Funders

Support for the Learning Policy Institute is provided by the

  • Ballmer Group
  • California Community Foundation
  • California Endowment
  • Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Grantmakers for Thriving Youth
  • Heising-Simons Foundation
  • William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • National Public Education Support Fund
  • Harmony and Inspire at National University
  • David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • Pure Edge, Inc.
  • Raikes Foundation
  • Sandler Foundation
  • Mackenzie Scott and Dan Jewett 
  • Silver Giving Foundation
  • Sobrato Family Foundation
  • Southern Education Foundation
  • Spencer Foundation
  • W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation
  • Stuart Foundation
  • Thornburg Foundation
  • Wallace Foundation
  • Walton Family Foundation
  • Yellow Chair Foundation

The Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Photo: Flickr (Pasco County Schools)