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Our Impact

Our Impact


To achieve our mission of connecting policies and practices to high-quality research, the Learning Policy Institute (LPI):

  • Conducts and supports policy-relevant research. This includes synthesizing and translating existing research; commissioning new research in high-need areas; analyzing policies, practices, and/or data sets; and performing rapid-response research addressing the pressing issues of the day.
  • Marshals and disseminates research and evidence in a manner accessible to policymakers and thought leaders. To this end, LPI produces policy-relevant materials that make issues clear for the general public and policymakers, including policy briefs, reports, surveys, blogs, and op-eds on specific topics.
  • Brings evidence to bear in policy arenas and conversations at the federal, state, and local levels. LPI hosts policy briefings, seminars, and other convenings with thought leaders and policymakers in state capitals and in Washington, DC, to highlight recent studies, take up current issues, and respond to pressing policy questions. 
  • Make evidence available and accessible to all those working to build a stronger education system. Specifically, LPI works with mission-aligned individuals and organizations to ensure that they have access to research and policy ideas that will support and encourage evidence-based policy solutions. Additionally, LPI communicates ideas and information via print, radio, television, and electronic media—highlighting the implications for evidence-based policies.


LPI Impact Report 2015–2020

LPI Impact Report 2015–2020

In 2015, LPI began its work to bring high-quality evidence into policy deliberations at the federal, state, and local levels with the goal of creating a stronger and more equitable education system. This report encompasses the past 5 years of research and impact and creates a blueprint for the work ahead.

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I hope you [at LPI]  know that your work is tremendously valuable. You are deep into the policies, yet you boil down the essentials for easy reading. Particularly for state folks who are working on many issues, that easy entry into complex arenas is vital.
—Lauren Jacobs, Senior Consultant,
Partnership for the Future of Learning
I’m not sure what we would’ve done without the “Learning in the Time of COVID-19” blog series.
—Staffer, Chairman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott’s Office

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

LPI is committed to using research to transform education systems, advance equity, and help every young person succeed in and out of school.

Our Funders

Our funders share LPI's commitment to creating equitable and empowering education systems for each and every student.

Our Financial Statements

LPI posts our most recent audited financial statements.