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Center for School and System Redesign

Center for School and System Redesign

There is a growing consensus around the need to redesign schools from the standardized factory model we have inherited to one that can enable powerful learning and thriving for each and every student. Redesigning schools for deeper and more equitable learning requires systemic approaches that cultivate strong, supportive relationships and positive climate; enable rich, engaging, student-centered learning; implement meaningful family and community engagement; and maintain integrated student supports that enable health and well-being for the growing number of children who experience the effects of trauma, poverty, discrimination, and other adverse conditions. Such schools exist, but they are exceptions rather than the norm, and they contend with a policy environment that is not set up to enable or scale their work.

LPI’s Center for School and System Redesign supports research, practice initiatives, and policy strategies that can transform educational systems to respond to the needs of young people for an equitable and empowering education in our rapidly changing world. This work aims to enable practitioners, policymakers, families, and community organizations to understand and use the science on how young people grow and learn to develop schools and systems that facilitate meaningful learning in a caring community.

The Core Work of the Center is to:

  • Conduct and assemble research and evidence of best practices on successful approaches to school transformation at the school and district levels and in educator preparation programs 
  • Examine and elevate the district, state, and federal policy approaches needed to take redesign efforts to scale
  • Maintain a repository of resources on school transformation for practitioners, community-based organizations, researchers, and policymakers
  • Support practitioners and policymakers with resources and tools to connect research, practice, and policy work

Key research-based resources that synthesize and translate research from the science of learning and development guide the Center’s work. These include resources that provide actionable guidance to practitioners and policymakers to drive school and systems change.

Research, Practice, and Tools

The Center conducts and assembles research, case studies, examples of best practices, and policy analyses to inform those leading and supporting school and system transformation work.

Science of Learning and Development Foundational Research

A growing body of research from the fields of neuroscience, developmental psychology, the learning sciences, and other social sciences have implications for redesigning and improving schools and education systems.

Curriculum and Assessment for Deeper Learning

New forms of curriculum and assessment are required to develop and evaluate the more complex skills students need to succeed in the modern world.

School Redesign Case Studies

Schools and districts across the country offer helpful examples and hands-on lessons for leaders, practitioners, policymakers, and community members implementing new learning models and systems.

Community Schools

Community schools are an evidence-based strategy to redesign schools, with the intent of removing barriers to learning and creating opportunities for students and families to thrive.

Features of Redesigned Schools

Research points to key components of effective learning environments, designed to foster personalized development in caring communities; build strong relationships; and meet students' social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs.

Educator Preparation

Effective educator preparation is grounded in the science of learning and development and equips educators to provide powerful, equitable, deeper learning experiences for students.

School Redesign Policy Strategies

Research, case studies, and other resources examine and elevate the district, state, and federal policy approaches needed to take redesign efforts to scale.


Funding for this project is provided by the Stuart Foundation. Core operating support for the Learning Policy Institute is provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Heising-Simons Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Raikes Foundation, Sandler Foundation, Skyline Foundation, and MacKenzie Scott.


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