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Social Media Toolkit: Supporting Principals’ Learning: Key Features of Effective Programs

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Image 1 (infographic)

Does investing in #principals pay? Yes! In increased teacher effectiveness & student achievement. Via @LPI_Learning

Investing in quality leadership preparation can support increased student achievement. Research via @LPI_Learning

Image 2 (infographic)

What do effective school leaders do? New research via @LPI_Learning #principals #leadershipmatters

What do effective principals do and how can districts support them? Research from @LPI_Learning

Image 3 (infographic)

Policymakers can promote excellent schools by investing in #principals. Via @LPI_Learning

Image 4 (data chart)

21% of teachers cite school leadership as a reason for leaving their jobs. Via @LPI_Learning #leadershipmatters

Did you know principals play a critical role in addressing the #teachershortage? This @LPI_Learning infographic explains how. #principals

Image 5 (photo)

@LPI_Learning research shows how states can invest in high-quality principal development through #ESSA funds.

Facebook Posts

Image 1

Could your school board, school district, or community-based organization use info on leadership development? Check out this @LearningPolicyInstitute report, fact sheet, and infographics.

Image 2

Principals play a critical role in addressing widespread teacher shortages by creating school environments that attract and retain competent teachers. The most effective principals assume a range of responsibilities, including setting direction, developing people, redesigning the organization, and leading and supporting instruction. Read more in this @LearningPolicyInstitute report.

Image 3

Improving student achievement requires strong school leadership. How can your district develop strong principals? This @LearningPolicyInstitute report shares evidence-based approaches.

Image 5

How can states foster powerful school leadership through their Every Student Succeeds Act plans? This @LearningPolicyInstitute research shows some research-based approaches that work.


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