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April 8, 2021

2021 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Meeting

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The Learning Policy Institute was well represented at the AERA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting, from April 8 to April 12, 2021. Staff and research fellows presented their research on a range of topics including educator preparation, performance assessments, and education equity.

LPI Staff at AERA Sessions

Time (ET) Staff Presentation
Thursday, April 8
5:00–6:00pm Dion Burns, Danny Espinoza, Naomi Ondrasek, Ayana Kee Campoli

Experiencing Homelessness: The Conditions and Outcomes of Homelessness Among California’s Students

Friday, April 9
10:40am–12:10pm Peter W. Cookson, Jr.

Diversity by Design: New Visions for School Districts That Serve All Students

4:10–5:40pm Hanna Melnick

Promising Practices in Early Educator Preparation: Supporting a Diverse, High-Quality Workforce

4:10–5:40pm Cathy Yun, Maria E. Hyler

Disrupting Systemic Inequities: Why Teacher Residency Stipends Matter (and Are More Feasible Than You Think)

Saturday, April 10
9:30–10:30am Stephanie Levin, Melanie Leung, Adam Edgerton, Caitlin Scott

Professional Learning: What Principals Get, What They Want, and What Gets in the Way

10:40am–12:10pm Maria E. Hyler, Caitlin Scott, Dion Burns

Change From Within: The Power of Collaborative Professional Learning

10:40am–12:10pm Laura E. Hernández

Redefining Responsible Education Policy Research During the Triple Pandemic

2:30–4:00pm Stephanie Levin, Melanie Leung, Caitlin Scott

Supporting a Strong, Stable Principal Workforce: What Matters and What Can Be Done

4:10–5:40pm Linda Darling-Hammond

Presidential Session, Roundtable: The 24th Conversations With Senior Scholars on Advancing Research and Professional Development Related to Black Education

4:10–5:40pm Anna Maier, Charlie Thompson

Accepting Responsibility for Equitable Educational Opportunities Through a Statewide Collaborative to Support High-Quality Performance Assessments

Sunday, April 11
10:40am–12:10pm Linda Darling-Hammond, Stephanie Levin, Jeannie Oakes, Peter W. Cookson, Jr.

The Role of Research and Researchers in Supporting States to Take Responsibility and Action for Addressing Educational Equity

2:30–4:00pm Linda Darling-Hammond

Creating Expansive and Equitable Learning Environments: Elaborating the RISE Learning Principles

4:10–5:40pm Sarah Klevan, Janel George, Anna Maier

Investment in Schools: The Intersection of Community School Initiatives and Integration Approaches

4:10–5:40pm Darion Wallace, Maria E. Hyler, Larkin Willis, Desiree Carver-Thomas, Marjorie Wechsler

From the Teacher to the Superintendent: Building Educational Systems to Support Racial Equity

Monday, April 12
2:50–4:20pm Linda Darling-Hammond

Evaluating and Improving Teacher Preparation Programs

2:50–4:20pm Sarah Klevan, Anna Maier

Taking Collective Action and Responsibility to Address Inequity: The Case of Partnerships for Community Schools

2:50–4:20pm Dion Burns, Caitlin Scott

The Practices of Instructionally Engaged Leaders in Positive Outlier Districts

4:30–6:00pm Linda Darling-Hammond

Investigating Teacher Quality Around the World: A Teacher-Education Perspective