California Performance Assessment Collaborative

The California Performance Assessment Collaborative (CPAC) represents educators, policymakers, and researchers who are working to study and advance the use of authentic approaches to assessment, such as presentations, projects, and portfolios, which require students to demonstrate applied knowledge of content and use of 21st century skills.

The collaborative serves as a professional learning community dedicated to the advancement of meaningful assessments for California students. Throughout the school year, CPAC members deepen and refine their performance assessment practices through in-person meetings, site visits, and information sharing. Participants have developed common principles that inform and guide their various approaches to performance assessment.

The Learning Policy Institute (LPI) supports CPAC by orchestrating learning opportunities for participants, and engaging in research and documentation of performance assessment practices. The lessons captured and documented will inform educators seeking to implement performance assessments in their schools, districts, and networks. Research findings will also provide local, state, and federal policymakers with important information and context as they develop next-generation assessment and accountability policies.

CPAC is composed of over 60 schools from across the state, as well as representatives from Fresno, Jefferson Union, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Pasadena, and San Francisco school districts. Big Picture Learning, Envision Schools, High Tech High, Internationals Network for Public Schools, and New Tech Network are also participating in the collaborative.