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Jeannie Oakes

Jeannie Oakes 15B2116 SQ1 Web

In Loving Memory of Jeannie Oakes Lipton (1943-2024), via the American Educational Research Association.

Jeannie Oakes served as Senior Fellow in Residence at the Learning Policy Institute. She was also Presidential Professor Emeritus in Educational Equity at UCLA. She focused her time with LPI on projects related to community schools, deeper learning, teacher preparation, and resource equity. She played a leadership role in both the resource equity work, as well as LPI’s work with the Partnership for the Future of Learning.

While at UCLA, Oakes founded the university’s Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access; the University of California’s All Campus Consortium on Research for Diversity; and Center X, UCLA’s urban teacher preparation program. In 2014, Oakes completed a 6-year term at the Ford Foundation as the director of educational opportunity and scholarship programs. Oakes’ books include Keeping Track: How Schools Structure Inequality, Becoming Good American Schools: The Struggle for Civic Virtue in Education Reform, and Learning Power. She served as president of the American Educational Research Association from 2015–2016.

Oakes received a PhD in Education from UCLA; an MA in American Studies from California State University, Los Angeles; and a BA in English from San Diego State University.