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Developing Expert Principals: Professional Learning that Matters

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Strong school leadership is critical for shaping engaging learning environments, supporting high-quality teachers and teaching, and influencing student outcomes. Developing Expert Principals: Professional Learning that Matters offers a comprehensive research synthesis on the elements of high-quality principal learning associated with positive outcomes, ranging from principals’ preparedness to staff retention and student achievement. It also examines examples of high-quality programs, the extent to which principals have access to them, and the policies that drive program development and accessibility. Educational leaders, faculty and scholars of educational leadership, developers of leadership preparation and training, and policymakers can use this resource to conceptualize learning systems that better serve principals, the staff they support, and, ultimately, all children.

Chapter Overview

Chapter 1: The Importance of Principal Learning

Chapter 2: Principal Preparation

Chapter 3: Principal Professional Development

Chapter 4: Principal Learning and School Outcomes

Chapter 5: Access to High-Quality Learning Opportunities

Chapter 6: Principal Development Policy

Chapter 7: Research and Policy Implications