Deeper Learning: Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment​

How are learning experiences and assessments best designed to support deeper learning and effectively develop and evaluate students’ knowledge and skills so that teachers can address their needs?

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Educators seeking to prepare their students for 21st-century expectations are designing curriculum and instruction to support deeper understanding of content by focusing on inquiry and complex problem solving. Learning opportunities in the community and local workplaces link classroom-based instruction to the real world. Students in these environments:

  • Engage in critical and creative thinking as they investigate scientific, social/historical, literary, artistic, and mathematical questions and develop grounded arguments, solutions, and products.
  • Hone verbal, written, and graphic communication skills through written assignments and presentations.
  • Develop social-emotional competencies that support self-management, perseverance, resilience, collaboration, and a growth mind-set.
  • Use new technologies to seek and display knowledge and connect to resources, experts, and peers across the country and around the world.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge through performance assessments allowing them to exhibit what they know and can do in authentic ways.
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