Educator Quality: Recruitment & Retention​

Students need and deserve a diverse corps of highly skilled teachers. Expanding the teacher workforce to meet changing educational needs requires a retooling of recruitment strategies to attract young people and career changers to the profession who are well prepared to succeed. School districts and state policymakers have a role to play in stopping the “leaky bucket” of teacher turnover that exacts both a financial and academic toll on students and school systems.

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Research identifies a number of effective strategies for attracting—and keeping—a diverse and high-quality teacher workforce. Building on the evidence, districts, schools of education, and states are adopting innovative strategies to recruit and retain talented educators, including:

  • Policies and practices, including financial incentives, to make teaching careers more attractive and available to diverse candidates.
  • Innovative teaching pathways that encourage and prepare young people and others to teach in their communities, which research indicates increases retention.
  • Improved teaching and learning conditions, including access to academic resources and supportive services, skilled and supportive school leaders, and opportunities to collaborate and partner with peers and parents.
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