Equitable Resources​ and Access

Equitable distribution of financial and other critical resources—including access to high-quality educators, college-preparatory curriculum, and support services—creates the foundation necessary for every child to succeed.

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Preparing all students to meet 21st century expectations requires an accompanying commitment to allocate sufficient money, people, and time to the challenge. Systems must ensure that funds are equitably distributed based on student and school need. Local and state-level officials, working with their communities, must also become responsible for the wise and efficient use of limited financial resources. 

A commitment to equity must encompass the range of opportunities and resources critical to student success, including:

  • Ensuring all students are taught by educators who are fully prepared and supported throughout their career.
  • Providing students with access to a range of supportive services that ensure their health and well-being.
  • Funding schools in a way that is equitable, stable, and adequate to provide all students with a 21st century education.
  • Providing all students access to a high-quality college- and career-ready curriculum and up-to-date instructional materials and tools, including computers and related technology.
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